R 420.00

This piece salutes the craft of bookmaking by deconstructing it, with an exposed spine, bright stitching, deckled edges, and a series of full-page painted washes by Linda Geary—her own color swatches. The result feels like a beautiful work in progress that only needs your pen, pencil, or brush to be complete. Heavy cream stock pages seem to grow more supple with use, making this a keepsake workhorse.
  • A thoughtful gift for writers, artists, book-lovers, and aesthetes
  • Something you can’t stop touching
  • No cover, exposed binding with red stitching; 6.25 x 8 inches; 288 pages with deckled edge (32 pages with color studies and 256 cream-colored); includes perforated card with artist interview and artwork
  • Designed by Linda Geary


I love, love, love this book

I’m an art student and I keep a sketchbook with me as a visual diary. I’ve always had difficulty sticking through a whole book – usually I do for the need to practice, not out of attachment, but I really love this book. I love how it opens flatly everywhere – the paper is smooth and takes water-colour, ink (I use india ink with brush) and colic, ink felt markers very well. It’s quite thick but there’s a great deal of it too. I bring it everywhere with me – it’s the best book ever. I only wish I got a larger one, which I will once i’m done with this. I feel quite naked/empty without this book around – it’s really made me comfortable. Also love the coloured papers in front and at the back of the notebook, which allows for customisation. There’s also a little window in between the pages that i appreciate. Initially I was hesitant, because it was a little dear (and I didn’t want to feel too conscious of making mistakes), but it’s worth it once i started enjoying the paper quality. Anyway, I love this notebook, this brand. LOVE IT!

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