My Food Passport Activity Book

R 75.00

Pick up that fork and give it a try-even if it smells funny, feels squishy or, worst of all, if it’s green! Featuring a healthy helping of many common fruits and veggies, this fact-packed book lets your child document their first reaction to these peculiar plants, including when they tried it, with what, and how it tasted and smelled. Filled with fun, interactive prompts and official sticker-stamps, this passport to adventurous eating opens curious minds-and mouths-all in the name of proudly declaring, “I tried it!”


What you introduce to your kids when they’re still at a young age has been proven to make an impression on them. For example, one of my favorite fruits as an adult is mango, a fruit which I tried when I was still a few years old.

What you teach them at a young age will also leave a similar impression. You might not have all sorts of food on hand, although you can introduce them one at a time and have your child take note of it with the My Food Passport.

My Food Passport is an activity book with spaces where your child can write what they ate or tried on certain days. It also comes with a sheet of stickers, which we know most kids love.

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