Procrastination Pen

R 120.00

No mere writing utensil, the Procrastination Pen is a handsome, high-quality communication tool that wittily announces your intentions as it helps you achieve your goal—whether it’s doodling, noodling, or kicking that sudoku’s ass.

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  • Has pleasantly substantial “feel”
  • Funny office gift for workaholics or layabouts
  • 5.25 × 0.25 inches; 0.6 mm black gel ink


" Best Pen for Procrastination

I first discovered this pen in a Buzz Feed article that was about gifts to give bibliophiles or writers. I’m procrastinating all the time, and I can never find just the right pen to use for my procrastination. Until this pen. This pen is marvelous. It writes very smooth and clean, and the ink doesn’t smudge if you accidentally brush your hand over it (or even do it deliberately to see if it smudges when the ink is still fresh). The pen itself is gorgeous and sleek. The “DO IT LATER” written on the side just always makes me laugh. This will forever be my go-to pen for working on sudoku or crosswords or writing stories when I should be doing more productive things. 

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